ZEISS Axiocam 208 Colour

For Smart Digital Documentation. With smart microscopy, digital documentation of your samples has never been easier. Axiocam 208 color is your 8 Megapixel color microscope camera for Smart Microscopy. This CMOS camera is suitable for education, fast digital documentation and all your routine applications.

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Axiocam 208 color delivers:

  • – Crisp, detail rich live images
  • – With high color fidelity
  • – At full 4K resolution
  • – In outstanding 30 fps, and
  • – Easy operation due to automatic functions


– Acquire multichannel fluorescent images with just one click
High resolution: Full 4K resolution in outstanding 30 fps
Smart functions: Auto-adjustment of brightness, contrast and white balance
Various applications: Digital documentation in biomedical routine and research laboratories, teaching in digital classroom environments
Easy installation: USB 3.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi compatible (with USB Wi-Fi adapter)
Compatibility: Stand-alone mode without a PC, with Labscope imaging app as a network camera, with ZEN imaging software for advanced imaging

Smart Microscopy

Boosts your efficiency and reduce the time to result.Combine Axiocam 208 color with Axiolab 5 or Axioscope 5 light microscopes to experience the full power of smart microscopy. The camera itself controls the microscope illumination and can read the microscope’s status.

You benefit from:

Automatic adjustments in the camera for high colour and contrast reproducibility.
An integrated system that saves you both space and money because no extra computer is needed.
Image data completeness since all metadata, including scaling, are automatically stored with your images.
… and all it takes is just a simple press of the Snap button.


Smart digital documentation is fast and simple, and it always delivers brilliant images.

In your biomedical routine lab for:

  • – histological investigations
  • – hematological observations
  • – analysis of body fluids
  • – food quality and control
  • – forensic evidence

Or, via connected microscopes in your digital classroom for:

  • – presenting
  • – sharing, and
  • – teaching

Rat kidney in transmitted light brightfield

Rat tongue in transmitted light brightfield

Crystals in transmitted light polarization

Corylus avellana in transmitted light brightfield

Varroa mite in transmitted light brightfield

Blood smear in transmitted light brightfield

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