Winechek: Absorbance ONE, Portable Photometer for Wine Testing

The Winechek Absorbance One redefines portable precision by bringing laboratory-grade accuracy to your fingertips. Departing from traditional centralized equipment, its compact design and cost-effectiveness make it a tool for everyone, no matter the location. Tailored for wine analysis, the Winechek Absorbance One stands out as a decentralized, mobile cuvette photometer.

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The Winechek Absorbance One brings laboratory-grade accuracy to the palm of your hand. Disrupting the idea of centralized equipment, the Winechek Absorbance One’s minimal footprint and low price point mean it is available to everyone… everywhere. Designed for wine analysis, the Winechek Absorbance One is your decentralized, mobile cuvette photometer.

It is custom made to connect to your phone and be able to run accurate, absolute, quantitative enzymatic analysis.

Winechek Absorbance One software has been customised for the use of Vintessential test kits.


Mobile Wine Analysis

The application of Winechek Absorbance One’s ambient light canceling technology results in an open design, allowing for quick and intuitive cuvette loading. Auto cuvette detection initiates measurement in a fraction of a second and results are displayed instantly in the Absorbance One App.

A single USB cable connects the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone and provides access to the Absorbance One App, where a clean and user-friendly interface allows measurement results to be easily recorded and exported in the desired digital format.


Windows Installer Software Version 1.2.0

Mac OS Installer Software Version 1.2.0

Android Software Version 1.2.0 Google play



Type of productSingle beam, single wavelength cuvette photometer
Detection methodAbsorbance
Detection modeEndpoint
Cuvette typesMacro cuvettes


Light source1 x LED
Wavelength340 nm
Measurement range0–5.0 OD
Resolution0.001 OD
Accuracy≤ 0,5 % + 0.005 OD from 0.0–3.0 OD
Reproducibility≤ 0.5 % + 0.005 OD from 0.0–3.0 OD
Linearity≤ 0,5 % from 0.0–3.0 OD
Temperature for measurement5–50 °C

Physical Characteristics

Power SupplyUSB connection 5 V
Dimensions33 mm x Ø 64 mm
Weight150 g

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