Wet Sieving Conversion Kit

Wet sieving conversion kits for tests that require wet sieving. Specially designed for use with Endecotts Sieves. A wet sieving kit includes a top clamping plate with a Perspex cover and spray rose, watertight O-ring seals and a stainless steel receiver with drainage spout. O-ring seals may also be ordered separately.

There are many instances where wet sieving, despite its attendant inconveniences, has a distinct advantage over dry sieving. For example, the material to be tested may already be suspended in a liquid. Solids in slurry form are often sized by wet screening.

Samples of wet solids, such as treated ores or chemical precipitates, frequently contain some very fine particles which constitute a slime. These samples cannot be dried before sieving
because the slime would cake into hard lumps. Wet sieving affords an easy method for removing and sizing these fine particles.

Ordering Information

Code:Dia.:Compatible Shaker:
ZMWSK-OCT200200mmOctagon 200
ZMWSK-EFL300300mmEFL 300
ZMWSK-EFL300/200200mmEFL 300
ZMWSK-T450450mmTitan 450
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