Vintessential: Ammonia Test Kits for Wine

Ammonia is found in both grape juice and wine.  It is an important nutrient for yeast during primary fermentation.

The amount of NADH consumed is measured at 340 nm and is stoichiometrically related to the amount of ammonia present. The Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN) content of the juice can be determined by adding the Ammonia Nitrogen (AN) content to the Primary Amino Acid Nitrogen (PAAN) content.

Ammonia 30 Test kit

Product Code: 4A120

Please note these tests require the use of a spectrophotometer.

Reagent No.ReagentPreparationQuantityStability
1BufferNil33 mL2 years at 4°C
2NADHAdd 1.7 mL of distilled water to either bottle as required, mix to dissolve2 x 1.7 mL2 years at 4°C / 1 month at 4°C once diluted
3GlDHMix gently by inversion
before use
0.7 mL2 years at 4°C
4StandardNil3.3 mL2 years at 4°C

Ammonia Auto Test Kit

Product Code: 4B120

This kit has been designed to work with a Discrete Analyser. Get in touch for more information or a quotation.

Reagent No.ReagentQuantityStability
1Buffer2 x 19.5 mL24 months at 4°C
2NADH2 x 19.5 mL6 months at 4°C
3GIDH2 x 13.2 mL12 months at 4°C

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