Vintessential: Amino Acid Test Kits for Wine

During fermentation of grape juice, yeasts require nitrogen as a nutrient, with a portion provided by primary amino acids. This test kit is suitable for measuring the primary amino acid nitrogen content in grape juice and non-fermenting must.

The Yeast Available Nitrogen (YAN) content of the juice can be determined by adding this PAAN content to the Ammonia Nitrogen (AN) content.

Amino Acid 30 Test kit

Product Code: 4A110

Please note these tests require the use of a spectrophotometer.

Reagent No.ReagentPreparationQuantityStability
1BufferReady to use2 x 33 mLStable
2NACAdd 30 mL of distilled water
& mix until dissolved
30 mL(6 months at 4°C once dissolved)
3OPAReady to use3.3 mL>2 years at 4°C
4StandardReady to use3.3 mL2 years at 4°C

Amino Acid Auto Test Kit

Product Code: 4B110

This kit has been designed to work with a Discrete Analyser. Get in touch for more information or a quotation.

Reagent No.ReagentQuantityStability
1Buffer2 x 19.5 mL24 months at 4°C
2NAC2 x 19.5 mL6 months at 4°C
3OPA2 x 8.2 mL6 months at 4°C

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