Van De Graaff Generators

The classic classroom physics electrostatic demonstrator: Van de Graaff generators use a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials – producing very high voltage direct current electricity at low current levels.

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This model uses an insulation tube to protect the belt, but the pulleys, the belt and the combs are accessible for inspection, cleaning or adjustment at both the top and bottom ends of the tube, aming it ideal for educational displays and demonstrations. The belt is a long lasting silicone rubber and both performance and reliability is excellent.

Should repair be required, or you are conducting an off campus demostration, the whole instrument can easily be dismantled down to the components to reduce size for transport and reassembled.

Please see the downloads below for more information on construction and use.

Available Models

Small – Hand Operated 


180mm Diameter

A modern, compact and robust instrument that is specially designed with all parts fully exposed for use in the classroom. This hand driven model does not require electrical power.

Large – Standard Unit 


250mm Diamater

400kV / 240V.AC

This model is IECs standard “Large” model Van De Graaff.  The 250mm diameter ball is in good proportion with all the rest of the instrument’s construction.

Large – With Remote


250mm Diameter

400kV / 240V.AC.

Like the standard ‘Large’ Van de Graaff generator, this model is equipped with a 250mm ball, however it also comes ready for remote operation.

Large – Variable Speed


300mm Diameter


This 300mm diameter Van De Graaff is a special model with an extra large ball for customers that must have the biggest in show.


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