Tinytag View 2 Data Loggers – Temperature Monitoring for Vaccine Storage

For some applications it is necessary to have instant access to current readings as well as the ability to analyse recorded data over time. In particular, Tinytag View 2 Data Loggers are excellent for the monitoring of vaccination fridges. Loggers in the range measure variables such as: temperature, relative humidity, current and voltage

Vaccine storage and handling plays a very important role in protecting individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccine quality is the shared responsibility of everyone – from the time vaccine is manufactured, until it is administered. The best way to ensure your vaccines stay in the recommended +2°C to +8°C range is with the use of a wireless temperature-monitoring system that provides real-time temperature readings.

For more information on the proper storage of vaccinations, we recommend following the Australian Government’s Department of Health National vaccine storage guidelines:

To ensure that vaccines have been stored within the recommended temperature range of +2°C to +8°C, the temperatures to which vaccines are exposed must be monitored, recorded and reported throughout the cold chain. These procedures help to ensure that:

• vaccine quality is maintained throughout the vaccine cold chain

• temperature excursions and any potential impact on the potency of the vaccines are identified early, and corrective action is taken

• clients receive potent and effective vaccines.

Several vaccine temperature-monitoring devices can be used to monitor the cold chain. These include temperature chart recording systems, data loggers, thermometers, disposable cold chain monitors, automated temperature-monitoring systems and back-to-base systems. At a minimum, all vaccine refrigerators must have a basic data logger and thermometer to continuously monitor refrigerator temperatures.

– “National Vaccine Storage Guidelines – Strive for 5, 3rd edition” (2019), Commonwealth of Australia as represented by the Department of Health

To properly follow these new Vaccine Storage laws, we highly recommend the Tinytag View 2 Data Logger range – a crucial addition to your practice or laboratory.

Download the Full Guidelines

Tinytag View 2 – TV-4020

-40 to +125°C

Temperature data logger with display, for use with a thermistor probe

  • – For Indoor Use
  • – For Fridges and Freezers
  • – USB Connectivity
  • – Splashproof
  • – Requires thermistor probe

Tinytag View 2 – TV-4204

-200 to +100°C

Low temperature data logger with display, for use with a PT1000 probe

  • – For Indoor Use
  • – Perfect for Freezers and Cryogenics
  • – USB Connectivity
  • – Splashproof
  • – Requires PT1000 probe

Tinytag View 2 – TV-4500

-25 to +50°C/0 to 100% RH

Temperature and relative humidity logger with display and built-in sensors

  • – For Indoor Use
  • – USB Connectivity
  • – Splashproof

Tinytag Dry Shipper – CR-0100

-200 to +100°C

Cryogenic data logger with integrated PT1000 probe for use with nitrogen dry vapour shippers

  • – For Transport Use
  • – Cryogenics
  • – Includes probe

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