Universal Spill Kits

Universal spill kits contain a Spill kit Bag, boom, heavy-duty pad, wipe, gloves, containment waste disposal bag, and tie. Universal spill kits are sized conveniently for fast and easy mobility. Made in Australia and available in 25L, 50L, 140L and 240L.

Each kit includes:

Absorbent pads: to soak up the spilled chemical.
Absorbent pillows: thick absorbents to catch and contain leaks.
Floor sweep: an absorbent that can be quickly applied to spill area.
Mini booms: to contain the chemical spill on the ground.
Waste bags and ties: to securely remove waste from the site.
Gloves: nitrile gloves for the safe handling of spilled chemical.
Wheelie Bin or Vehicle Bag: for the storage of items and dispatch to (and from) spill site.
Compliant signage and instructions: for hazard awareness and ease of operation.

Ordering Information

Universal Spill Kit 25LPSRKU025
Universal Spill Kit 50LPSRKU050
Universal Spill Kit 140LPSRKU140
Universal Spill Kit 240LPSRKU240
140L Universal Spill Kit – Refill KitPSRKU140-C
240L Universal Spill Kit – Refill KitPSRKU240-C
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