Tin (II) Chloride Dihydrate

CAS #: 10025-69-1

Molecular Weight: 225.65

Chemical Formula: SnCl2 . 2H2O

Available in a range of sizes and grades. Please enquire for options.

Alternate Names: Stannous chloride; Tin dichloride; Tin protochloride; Tin salt; Tin crystals.

Description: White to yellow colour. Solid.

General Information: Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, bromine trifluoride, calcium carbide, ethylene oxide, hydrazine hydrate, potassium and sodium. Absorbs oxygen form air and forms the insoluble oxychloride.

Reducing agent in manufacture of chemicals, intermediates, dyes, polymers, phosphors, tin galvanizing, silvering mirrors, anti-sludging agent for lubricating oils, food preservative, stabilizer for perfume in soap, catalyst, soldering flux, sensitizing agent for glass, paper and plastics, manufacture of lakes, textiles (reducing agent in dyeing, discharge in printing), reagent in analytical chemistry, revivication of yeast sown in must (accelerator) and laboratory reagent.

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