TESTO: Waterproof Digital Thermometer

The stainless steel mini thermometer allows you to measure the air & core temperature on a variety of different applications. The cleaning process is easy, clean your thermometer under running water.

  • – Protection class IP67
  • – Battery level display
  • – Easily exchangeable battery
  • – Protective sleeve as a holder
Low in price, high in performance: the Testo waterproof mini probe thermometer measures the core temperature of liquid, soft and powdery media as well as the ambient air temperature.

And when you’ve carried out your measurements, you can clean your mini probe thermometer under running water before returning it to the protective case that comes with the delivery. The mini probe thermometer also has an integrated clip to stop it from slipping out of your shirt or jacket pocket.

A variety of different applications for the waterproof mini probe thermometer

From checking the Sunday roast (but don’t forget to take it out of the oven!) to carrying out temperature checks during production processes; from measuring the air temperature in air conditioning units to checking the temperature of different application in garden centers or laboratories. Because the mini probe thermometer can be used to measure core temperature of different materials it is ideal for use in a variety of different applications and environments. 

Waterproof mini probe thermometer, protective case, integrated clip and calibration protocol.

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