Test Tubes (Borosilicate Glass)

Borosilicate 3.3 Test Tubes.

Multiple styles.

Available in packs of 25, 50, 100.

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Borosilicate 3.3 Test Tubes

A must have for all classrooms and laboratories.

Without Rim

150mm L x 16mm DLW5389-01PK/100
150mm L x 18mm DLW5390-01PK/100
150mm L x 25mm DLW5388-01PK/25
150mm L x 25mm DLW5388-02PK/50

With Rim

125mm L x 15mm DLW5397-01PK/100
150mm L x 16mm DLW5417-01PK/100
150mm L x 18mm DLW5427-01PK/25
150mm L x 18mm D / MARKING AREALW5427-02PK/100
150mm L x 18mm DLW5427-05PK/100
150mm L x 21mm DLW5437-01PK/25
150mm L x 21mm DLW5437-02PK/100
150mm L x 25mm DLW5447-01PK/25
150mm L x 25mm DLW5447-02PK/50
180mm L x 25mm DLW5457-01PK/25

With Side Arm

150mm L x 18mm DLW5467-01EACH
150mm L x 20mm DLW5477-01EACH
150mm L x 25mm DLW5478-01EACH
175mm L x 22mm DLW5487-01EACH
200mm L x 25mm DLW5497-01EACH

Please get in touch for pricing and availability.

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