Spectroquant Move DC

This portable colorimeter provides rapid results for 5 key parameters in disinfection control: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH.


  • – Simplify disinfection control
  • – Secure rapid, reliable results
  • – Move your analysis anywhere
The Spectroquant Move (Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH) is a robust mobile colorimeter suitable for the detection of five essential parameters of water analysis: chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, cyanuric acid, and pH.
This handy, battery-operated instrument comes with a carrying case and is designed for in-process and field work.

Rapid, Accurate and Precise Tests

Ready-to-use test kits optimized for easy handling of routine control and on-site monitoring. Obtain reliable results for the key disinfection parameters (Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH) with validated standard-compliant reagents.

Discover the comprehensive range of Spectroquant® test kits to measure disinfectants before and after your cleaning process.

Test KitMeasuring RangeNo. of TestsCat. No.Notes
Chlorine Test, free0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}2001.00598.0002
Chlorine Test, free0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}12001.00598.0001
Chlorine Test, total0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}2001.00602.0001
Chlorine Test, total0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}12001.00602.0002
Chlorine Test, free and total0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}2001.00599.0001
Chlorine Reagent 1 (liquid)0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}2001.00086.0001Free Chlorine: Use Reagent 1+2
Chlorine Reagent 2 (liquid)0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}4001.00087.0001Total Chlorine: Use Reagent 1+2+3
Chlorine Reagent 3 (liquid)0.010 — 6.00 mg/L Cl_{2}6001.00088.0001
Ozone Test0.010 — 4.00 mg/L O_{3}2001.00607.0001
Ozone Test0.010 — 4.00 mg/L O_{3}12001.00607.0002
Chlorine Dioxide Test0.020 — 10.00 mg/L ClO_{2}2001.00608.0001
Cyanuric Acid Test2 — 160 mg/L Cyanuric acid1001.19253.0001
pH Cell TestpH 6.4 — 8.82801.01744.0001
Absorbance-100 — 2.500 mA

Technical Specifications

Part of the Spectroquant Family

Prove 100

The Prove 100 is the best choice for those who primarily use our broad range of Spectroquant® test kits, or only perform Vis measurements. High quality and great value for your daily analyses.

Prove 300

Thanks to its long-lasting xenon lamp, the Prove 300 is ideal for more intensive use. What’s more, it is capable of both UV and Vis measurements, so you have greater flexibility for more intricate analyses.

Prove 600

Designed with high-end UV/Vis optics, and cuvettes of up to 100 mm, the Prove 600 packs great power into a compact size. Excellent resolution and sensitivity for complex kinetics or spectral measurements, or for use with test kits.

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