Sodium polytungstate

Chemical Formula: Na6[H2W12O40]

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Sodium polytungstate – sometimes referred to as Sodium metatungstate – is the inorganic compound with the formula Na6[H2W12O40], sometimes written 3Na2WO4·9WO3·H2O.

This salt is mainly used in the manufacture of dense aqueous solutions.

Due to its very high solubility in water (max. density 3.1 g/cm3), SPT is widely used as to produce “heavy liquid” for gravity separation (sink /float analysis) and density gradient centrifugation. It has significant advantages when compared to zinc chloride solution or the toxic halogenated carbons for sink-swim analysis. Aqueous SPT is non-toxic (unlike the denser Clerici solution), non-flammable, odorless, reusable and additionally it has a low viscosity.


• The inorganic salt sodium polytungstate results in an aqueous, neutral solution.

• SPT is a Non-Toxic high density agent.

• Has a low viscosity at high concentration.

• Easily adjustable densities from 1.0 g/ml to 4.2 g/ml

• Is ecology safe and simple to handle. Can be discarded easily.

• Has No obnoxious smell, no corrosive properties, not flammable.

• Stable in the pH-range of 2-14.

• Laboratory centrifuges can be used.

• Excellent recovery, substantially no losses and thus SPT is less expensive than TBE.


• SPT makes a light yellow solution.

• Sodium Polytungstate (SPT) is available in powder.


• Mineral Separation, Conodont Research and Earthquake Research.

• Density Gradient Centrifugation.

• As an inactive, non radioactive simulant in nuclear reactor technology.

• Separation of not soluble materials having different densities, like separation of minerals from gangue.

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