Slocum Glider CTD

The Slocum Glider Payload CTD is a low-power profiling instrument designed specifically for installation in Slocum gliders. It has the high accuracy necessary for research, updating ocean models, assessing sensor stability on moored observatories, and leveraging data collection opportunities from operational vehicle missions.

The externally powered, continuously pumped CTD consumes only 240 mW sampling continuously at 1/2 Hz. One Alkaline C cell could operate the CTD continuously for 37 hours (3 days at 50% duty cycle, profiling continuously at ½ Hz on every glider upcast); a 50% duty cycle for 30 days uses only 4.2% of a typical Slocum glider’s alkaline energy capacity (7.8 MJ). Data are output in engineering units or raw decimal counts.



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