SlideMate™ AS: Slide Printer

Reduce specimen identification errors while enhancing lean workflow with the Epredia SlideMate™ AS On-Demand Slide Printer.

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The SlideMate AS is the next generation Epredia Slide Printer delivering a smaller footprint than previous models, making it even easier to fit next to the microtome. The SlideMate AS promotes single piece workflow though unique features designed specifically for on-demand printing.

  • – Fully integrated color touch-screen and simple software are easy to use
  • – Build-in barcode scanner reads cassette information and imports the data to the slide label
  • – Connects easily to other computers or Laboratory Information Systems
  • – Prints directly onto the slide, eliminating the need for hand writing or labels

Reduce Patient Identification Errors

Avoid the issues endemic to hand-labeled slides with the Epredia SlideMate AS on-demand slide printer. Its single-piece workflow prints high-quality, chemically resistant text, numbers and barcodes directly onto slides with excellent readability and consistency.

Enhance Lean Workflow

With a compact footprint engineered to fit comfortably next to a microtome, integrated color touch screen, intuitive interface, and easily adjustable print optimization settings for different slide types, the SlideMate AS is smartly designed to enhance efficiency in your lab.

Connect Easily

SlideMate AS printers can be configured quickly for reliable connections to other computers or a Laboratory Information System with Ethernet, USB-A, USB-B capabilities as well as Gateway Software.

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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