Separating Funnel (TPX)

  • -Permanent graduations moulded into body
  • – Needle control for precise control of flow (important for end point)
  • – No wetting
  • – Top unscrews and valve can be detached for through cleaning
  • – Excellent chemical resistence
  • – Complete with stoppers

Cat. No.Cap. mlGrad. mlTo level mlNS DIN
9785002.0, 5.0 + 25.020, 50 + 50029 / 32


Chemical Resistance

Categories of SubstanceReferenceConcen. %T.20°T.40°T.60°
Inorganic acidSulphuric acid98BBB
Organic acidBenzoic acid100ABB
Inorganic alkaliSodium hydroxide50AAA
Organic alkaliAniline100BBC
EstherEthyl acetate100AAA
Hydrocarbons, aromaticBenzene100BC
Hydrocarbons, linearHexane100BC
A: fair resistence; exposure (30 days) to the chemical does not cause any damage.
B: sufficient resistence; exposure causes damage of poor importance, which sometimes is only temporary.
C: poor resistence; exposure to chemical is not allowed, or causes immediate permanent damage.

Results of testing with reference materials are to be considered as indication: in case of specific use it is recommended to carry out preliminary testing.

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