SBE 56 Temperature Sensor

Low-cost, high-accuracy, battery-powered temperature and time logger, with user-programmable sampling interval.

The SBE 56 is a low-cost, high-accuracy, fast-sampling temperature recorder with USB interface, internal battery, and memory. Data are uploaded upon recovery via the internal USB connector, and output in engineering units (degrees C, date and time). The high stability preserves the initial calibration accuracy and means less frequent (or no) calibrations. The SBE 56 delivers this accuracy and stability at a price you would expect for recorders that are less accurate, and is ideal for countless underwater recording applications.


Memory capacity exceeds 15 million samples. Battery endurance varies, depending on the sampling scheme. Sampling every 0.5 sec, the SBE 56 can be deployed for 1 month (5.3 million samples). Sampling 4 times per minute, the battery lasts almost 2 years.


– Flexible Sampling Options
– Autonomous Logging
– Fast Data Upload
– High Data Quality
– Long Deployment Endurance


Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.



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