SBE 41 Argo CTD Range

Autonomous profiling CTD for Argo and other programs, supplying more than 90% of the annual Argo program floats.

The Sea-Bird SBE 41/41CP Argo CTD module was developed in response to the scientific need for highly stable and accurate temperature and salinity on profiling floats. The standard CTD for Argo floats, the SBE 41/41CP have helped provide an unprecedented amount of data since the creation of the Argo program.

As the global distribution of profiling floats expands and more floats enter the water, Sea-Bird has built upon the capabilities of the 41/41CP. Today, float CTDs can house new and improved sensors with flexible integration options for various float platforms.



• The SBE 41/41CP uses the proven MicroCAT Temperature, Conductivity, and Pressure sensors. The CTD is shipped fully calibrated, and has demonstrated excellent long-term stability, eliminating the need for post-deployment tampering of the calibration to force agreement with the local TS.


• The SBE 41/41CP has carefully engineered anti-foul protection, with anti-foulant devices, a U-shaped flow path, and a pump.


• On the float’s ascent, as the float approaches 10 – 5 decibars beneath the ocean’s surface, the pump turns off. The U-shaped flow path prevents sea surface oils and contaminants from being ingested while proceeding through the ocean surface skin and sitting at the surface during data transmittal.


• Between profiles the pump is off. The U-shaped flow path prevents water flow through the system caused by waves or currents; minute amounts of anti-foulant concentrate inside the conductivity cell to minimize bio-fouling.


• The SBE 41/41CP has proven TC-Ducted flow over the temperature sensor and into the conductivity sensor. Salinity spiking is minimized because the TC-Duct and pump precisely coordinate the T and C responses.


• The SBE 41/41CP premium strain-gauge pressure sensor has thermistor correction for ambient temperature effects.


• The SBE 41 pump delivers 40 ml/sec flow for 2.5 seconds per measurement of T, C, & P, and exhausts through a zero-thrust port.


• The SBE 41CP pump delivers 10 ml/sec flow continuously during the profile.



Servicing, Calibration and Support

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