Sartorius: Minisart® Syringe Filters

Over 120 different syringe filter product codes provide one of the widest choices to optimally meet your application requirements, from medical device sterile filtration to research use cell culture purposes. Manufactured under high ISO standards in full automation to bring high-quality reliability and designed to offer some of the best membrane areas to plastic housing ratios for fast and efficient filtrations whilst minimizing environmental impacts.

Innovative design features, coupled with the largest surface areas and high flow rates make Minisart® syringe filters the ideal choice for all your syringe filtration needs.

– Largest effective filtration area (EFA)
– Low adsorption
– Low hold-up volume
– Gamma/EO sterilized
– High throughput
– For sterile filtration, analytical sample preparation, and clarification of media additives, buffers, chemical reagents and even gases!

With such a huge range to choose from, we’ve added the basics down below to help you choose the right filter for the job.

Choose from the following options and get in touch for a quote on the right filter for your application.

Step 1: Sample Composition | Filter Material


CA: Cellulose Acetate

Buffers | Protein Analysis

PES: Polyethersulfone 

Tissue Culture Media


Aqueous / Solvents

RC: Regenerated Cellulose

Aqueous | Solvent Mixtures | Solvents

NY: Polyamide, Nylon

Solvent Mixtures | Solvents

PTFE: Polytetrafluoroethylene

Solvents | Gases | Acids | Bases

Step 2: Pore Sizing 

Sterile Filtration


  • – Small Bacteria
  • – Mycoplasma
  • – Colloids (>0.1μm)


  • – 0.2μm – UHPLC (Columns <3μm particles)
  • – Bacteria


Sample Preparation / Clarification / Particle Removal 


  • – HPLC (Columns <3μm particles)
  • – Particles


  • – Yeast Cells
  • – Particles


  • – Yeast Cells
  • – Particles


  • – Yeast Cells
  • – Particles
  • – Platelets


  • – Cells
  • – Large Particles



GF: Glass Fiber

  • – Glass Prefilter
  • – Glass + Membrane
  • – Highly Particle-Laden Samples

Step 3: Sample Volume | Filter Size

28mm | up to 200mL

1 mL to 200 mL

25mm | up to 100mL

1 mL to 100 mL

15mm | up to 15mL

0.5 mL to 15 mL

4mm | up to 1mL

0.05 mL to 1 mL

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