SailBuoy – Unmanned Surface Vessel

The Sailbuoy is a long endurance unmanned surface vehicle for the oceans.

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Field proven to stay for months at sea, it navigates the oceans autonomously – transmitting back data at regular intervals. The Sailbuoy can be used for a wide variety of ocean applications. From measuring ocean and atmospheric parameters to tracking oil spills or acting as a communication relay station for subsea instrumentation. You can follow the Sailbuoy and update tracks in real-time from your computer, tablet or smart phone.



Sailbuoy WQM

The Sailbuoy Water Quality Monitor (WQM) provides the most important marine water quality parameters . The Sailbuoy WQM has been extensively field-tested and demonstrated excellent long-term monitoring.


Sailbuoy WQM is fitted with sensors for water quality measurements. The integrated sensors include the low-drag, fast-response conductivity-temperature sensor manufactured by Neil Brown Ocean Sensors, Inc., an oxygen optode manufactured by Aanderaa Data Instruments, and the C3 Submersible Fluorometer from Turner Designs with up to three optical sensors ranging from the deep ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum. Applications include detection of hydrocarbons, algae or chlorophyll-a activity, water turbidity, dissolved organic matter or chemical dyes.

Sailbuoy Wave

The Sailbuoy Wave provides accurate and robust wave data . The Sailbuoy wave has been extensively field-tested and demonstrated excellent long-term monitoring and reliability.


Cut costs without compromising on data quality


The Sailbuoy Wave solution offers you the lowest possible total cost of wave monitoring on the market. This is achieved through a competitive purchase price together with low delpoyment,service and communications costs. The advanced wave sensor provide high-precision wave data





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