RQflex® 20 Reflectometer

The Reflectoquant® system for rapid and precise in-process monitoring and rapid QC analysis.

Cat No: 1.17246.0001

Strip – Dip – Read – Record – Action

The Reflectoquant® series includes Reflectoquant® test strips and the RQflex® 20 instrument for on-site, direct sample analysis in food and beverage production and water testing. This mobile laboratory gives you all the tools you need for high quality analyses for a wide spectrum of sample materials from food, water, and industrial to environmental samples. Reflectoquant® test strips are barcoded with batch-specific calibration to offer reliable, quantitative results in minutes. Next to the applications in food and beverage mentioned above, Reflectoquant® test strips can be used for many different quantitative measurements including:

  • – Malic acid in wines
  • – Formaldehyde in fish products
  • – Calcium in cheese
  • – Peroxide and Peracetic acid in disinfection control

Food and Beverage Testing

Monitor acrylamide formation

In fried or baked goods, like potato chips, the reaction between asparagine and reducing sugars (fructose, glucose, etc.) may produce acrylamide, which is consid-ered toxic and carcinogenic. Consequently, maximum limits of reducing sugars in potatoes should not be exceeded.

Rapid quantitative detection of hydroxymethylfurfural in honey

The freshness of honey is determined by measuring its hydroxymethyl-furfural (HMF) content. HMF is an organic compound that arises from the dehydration of fructose, e.g. when honey is heated for easier filling. HMF is barely detectable in freshly centrifuged honey, but increases about 2–3 mg/kg annually, depending on storage temperature and pH. At 21 °C, HMF content can rise to 20 mg/kg in just one year.

Test Vitamin C in Food and Beverages

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential characteristic of many foods and drinks. Its depletion should be monitored as it implies a deterioration of quality and taste.


Control nutrients in soil and plant products

Along with nitrogen, phosphorus is a nutrient that plants need in large quantities for normal growth. Due to possible over- fertilization, it is important to analyze those parameters in agriculture production.

Disinfection Control

0.1% peracetic acid is enough to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and even spores in the shortest possible time

This is why it is used for cold septic disinfection of beverage bottles, for example. Complete disinfection control involves various methods for test-ing parameters at high and low concentration ranges.

Rapid, Accurate and Precise Tests

ParameterGraduationNo. of TestsCat No. Method
Ammonium Test0.2 – 7.0 mg/L NH_{4}501.16892.0001Indophenol blue
Ammonium Test5.0 – 20.0 mg/L NH_{4}501.16899.0001Indophenol blue
Ammonium Test20 – 180 mg/L NH_{4}501.16977.0001Nessler
Ascorbic Acid Test25 – 450 mg/L ascorbic acid501.16981.0001Phosphomolybd. blue
Blank Strip501.16730.0001
Calcium Test5 – 125 mg/L Ca501.16125.0001Phthalein complexone
Chlorine Test (free chlorine)0.5 – 10.0 mg/L Cl_{2}501.16896.0001Redox reaction
Formaldehyde Test1.0 – 45.0 mg/L HCHO501.16989.0001Triazole
Glucose Test1 – 100 mg/L Glucose501.16720.0001Enzymatic reaction
Hydroxymethyl furfural Test1.0 – 60.0 mg/L HMF501.17952.0001Enzymatic reaction
Iron Test0.5 – 20.0 mg/L Fe(II)501.16982.0001Triazine
Lactic Acid Test3.0 – 60.0 mg/L lactic acid501.16127.0001Enzymatic reaction
Magnesium Test5 – 100 mg/L Mg501.16124.0001Phthalein complexone
Malic Acid Test5.0 – 60.0 mg/L malic acid501.16128.0001Enzymatic reaction
Nitrate Test3 – 90 mg/L NO_{3}501.16995.0001Modified Griess’ reaction
Nitrate Test5 – 225 mg/L NO_{3}501.16971.0001Modified Griess’ reaction
Nitrite Test0.5 – 25.0 mg/L NO_{2}501.16973.0001Griess’ reaction
Nitrite Test0.03 – 1.00 g/L NO_{2}501.16732.0001Aromatic amine
Peracetic Acid Test1.0 – 22.5 mg/L peracetic acid501.16975.0001Redox reaction
Peracetic Acid Test20.0 – 100 mg/L peracetic acid501.17956.0001Redox reaction
Peracetic Acid Test75 – 400 mg/L peracetic acid501.16976.0001Redox reaction
Peroxide Test0.2 – 20.0 mg/L H_{2} O_{2}501.16974.0001Enzymatic reaction
Peroxide Test20.0 – 100 mg/L H_{2} O_{2}501.17968.0001Enzymatic reaction
Peroxide Test100 – 1,000 mg/L H_{2} O_{2}501.16731.0001Enzymatic reaction
pH TestpH 1.0 – 5.0501.16894.0001Mixed indicator
pH TestpH 4.0 – 9.0501.16996.0001Mixed indicator
pH Test for Cooling LubricantspH 7.0 – 10.0501.16898.0001Mixed indicator
Phosphate Test5 – 120 mg/L PO_{4}501.16978.0001Phosphomolybd. blue
Potassium Test0.25 – 1.20 g/L K501.16992.0001Dipicrylamine
Sucrose Test0.25 – 2.50 g/L501.16141.0001Enzymatic reaction
Sulfite Test10 – 200 mg/L SO_{3}501.16987.0001Nitroprusside /
Total Hardness Test0.1 – 30.0 °d501.16997.0001Phthalein complexone
Total Sugar Test
(glucose and fructose)
65 – 650 mg/L total sugar501.16136.0001Enzymatic reaction

Technical Specifications

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