Riffle Box Sample Dividers

Ensure accuracy in your sieving trials by ensuring each subdivision of your main sample retains the characteristics of the original sample.

Endecotts hand held sample dividers will subdivide material samples into smaller portions by single or multiple passes.


  • – Stainless steel with slot widths 6.35 mm (¼”) or 12.7 mm (½”)
  • – Ideal for free flowing powders
  • – Suitable for use with powder chemicals, food stuff, feed and similar granular material
  • – Splits sample to analytical proportions
  • – Characteristics of original sample maintained

¼” Sample Divider

Unit consists of Divider plus 3 receiving boxes

12 – slots ¼” wide x 2 7/8″ long. 6.35mm wide
Overall length of Divider body130mm
Overall width of Divider body133mm
Overall height of Divider body101.5mm
Overall length of Divider boxes98.6mm
Overall width of Divider boxes63.5mm
Overall depth of Divider boxes52.4mm
¼” Weight of Unit~1KG

½” Sample Divider

Unit consists of Divider plus 3 receiving boxes with handles

12 – slots ½” wide x 3 15/16″ long12.7mm wide
Overall length of Divider body229mm
Overall width of Divider body216mm
Overall height of Divider body133.5mm
Overall length of Divider boxes184.2mm
Overall width of Divider boxes98.6mm
Overall depth of Divider boxes120.7mm
¼” Weight of Unit~3KG

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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