RENTAL: Nortek Vectrino Velocimeter

The Vectrino is a high-resolution acoustic velocimeter used to measure 3D water velocity fluctuations within a very small sampling volume and at sample rates of up to 200 Hz. It can be applied in a variety of environments, from hydraulic labs – where it is regarded as standard equipment – to the ocean. It is ideal for near-boundary flow measurements or to capture any highly dynamic phenomena in a hydraulic tank.

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  • – Hydraulic models and flumes
  • – Inexpensive alternative to laser Doppler velocimeter
  • – 200 Hz maximum sampling rate



  • – 3D flow measurements in laboratory flumes
  • – Flow measurements near boundaries and in areas that are difficult to access
  • – Flow measurements in physical models in hydraulic laboratories
  • – Measurements of laboratory flume bottom changes as a function of time





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