Rayfin Mk2 Coastal 500m

Recording and viewing your underwater survey in real-time is made easy with the Rayfin Mk2 Coastal camera. Reduce your costs by enabling power, video, control, and data over a single twisted-pair in a cable. Or upgrade your ROV to monitor video and data topside with user-friendly live control.

The camera comes equipped with Rayfin Control Software. Its modern interface makes it intuitive to use and comes standard with free software updates to keep your camera cutting-edge.

Key Product Features

  • Built in storage: Record and store hours of video (4K=10+, HD=40+) and 1000s of digital stills. As a data-logger, the Rayfin Coastal has built-in depth, tilt, and roll sensors, and can store NMEA sensor data.
  • Versatile: The Rayfin Coastal can conveniently work with your existing equipment and systems. Or, choose to eliminate your batteries and upgrade to the unique capabilities of SubC’s most versatile camera.
  • Real-Time and Intuitive: Conveniently view and download your footage in real-time while effortlessly controlling your camera, lights and lasers from a topside PC.
  • High Quality Optics: Capture the sharpest images in the harshest environments thanks to the scratch-resistant sapphire lens paired with water-corrected LiquidOptics™.
  • Easy Integration: Auxiliary ports on the back of the camera allow you to easily connect lights, lasers, and other sensors, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your footage.
  • End-To-End Support: Invested in the success of your system and project, we offer comprehensive remote training and ongoing support.


The Rayfin Mk2 Coastal 500m can be used for a variety of subsea applications.

  • – Seafloor Tow Camera System Upgrades
  • – Drop Camera Systems
  • – Mid-Ocean Monitoring
  • – Aquaculture Site Surveys
  • – Environmental & Area Based Surveys
  • – Offshore Wind Site Surveys
  • – ROV Camera Upgrades
  • – And More!

Rayfin Coastal Camera Models

Rayfin BPC

Boost-Power Comms and Ethernet over two wires with signals carried over 410m of cable. Power your camera, two LEDs, lasers, depth, and other sensors while enabling live HD video and data to the surface. Used for tow and drop camera systems to dramatically reduce the cost of cabling.

Rayfin ETP

Ethernet over twisted pair technology sends signals carried over 470m of tether or cable and uses an existing underwater power source. This model can upgrade ROVs to enable live water-corrected HD IP video and data over a single twisted pair within the tether.

Rayfin Mk2 BenthicRayfin Mk2 Coastal1Cam Mk6
Video Standards
HD over Ethernet (HDE)
SubC Boost-Power Comms (BPC)
Ethernet over Twisted Pair (ETP)
Composite Video (SD)
HD-SDI over Coax (HDC)
4K over Single Mode Fiber (UHDF)
Internal Recording4K, HD (H.265, H.264)4K, HD (H.265, H.264)4K, HD (H.264)
Storage Capacity512GB or 1TB (optional)
10 or (20) hours of 4K video, 40 or (80) hours of HD video. Thousands of digital stills.
Digital Stills12.3MP12.3MP16MP
Zoom12.3MP Sensor Zoom (5x Optical Equivalent)12.3MP Sensor Zoom (5x Optical Equivalent)20x Optical
Field of View (Diagonal)81°81°78°
Depth Rating6000m500m6000m
Camera ControlEthernet, RS-485EthernetRS232, RS485
Media DownloadReal-time over EthernetReal-time over EthernetUSB
Built-in SensorsTilt, Roll, Optional Depth and TemperatureTilt, Roll, Optional Depth and Temperature
Aux Ports2x to 4x2x1x
Optional Add-onsLEDs and LasersLEDs and LasersLEDs and Lasers
End-to-End Support
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