RATEK Medium Orbital Shaking Incubator

400 x 400mm square orbital mixing platform
Ambient +6 to 70 deg C operation
Large LED digital temperature and speed display
3 x user-preset programs for speed and time
Fully transparent cabinet for easy observation

The OM11 is a compact bench top orbital mixer within a temperature controlled cabinet. Separate clearly marked controls and displays for temperature, speed, and timer ensure the OM11 is easy to operate and monitor. The counterbalanced drive system incorporates slow acceleration to reduce the risk of spillage plus a safety system that operates if an overload or jamming occurs. The platform is covered with a nitrile mat that is sufficient for holding containers at low speeds. For higher speeds optional racks are available. The RR10 Universal rack is ideal when a variety of different sizes and types of container are used. Fan assisted heating coupled with the custom microprocessor control ensures accurate temperature control within the cabinet. The cabinet cover is hinged at the top to allow easy access to the platform, for ease of cleaning the cabinet complete with the hinged cover can be removed without the need for tools.


Orbital Mixer/Incubator applications include Cell Culture, Staining/destaining, Hybridisations, Solubility Studies, Extraction procedures, Plasmid purification, Washing procedures, Bacterial suspensions, DNA fingerprinting, Protein expressions and General mixing

Also known as: Incubated Shaker, Shaking Oven, High Performance Shaker, Orbital shaker, Digital shaker, Laboratory Shaker, Variable Speed Mixer, Variable Speed Shaker, Rotary Mixer, Rotary Shaker


Power requirements240VAC/50hz/540 Watts
Capacity400 x 400 mm platform max. capacity 8kg’s
Vertical clearance above tray320mm
Mixer controlMicroprocessor control with digital speed and temperature indication
MotorBrushless ac
Speed range40-400 rpm through an orbit diameter of 20mm
HeaterFan assisted with spiral wound element
Control range28°C to 70°C.(min 6°C above ambient)
Control stability± 0.2ºC
Timer0-99 minutes or 0-99 hours with 3 presets
Safety featuresMotion interrupt cut out. Over temperature cut out
Overall dimensionsW470 x D625 x H490mm
Weight34 kg

Servicing, Calibration and Support

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