RATEK Large Magnetic Stirrer

General purpose laboratory stirrer
Suitable for flasks up to 20 litres
Variable speed control
Low-voltage DC motor

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The MS10 is suitable for stirring in large flasks and containers up to 20 litres. A smooth solid state analogue speed control is coupled with a quiet yet powerful motor to ensure thorough mixing of larger volumes or more viscous liquids. A non-slip rubber mat is incorporated to ensure flasks are held securely whilst mixing.


Applications include dissolving solids in liquids, stirring of volatile solutions, as well as other general Microbiology and Biochemistry applications that require light agitation or vigorous churning.

Also known as: Biological Mixer, Biological Stirrer, Flask Stirrer, Flask Mixer, Magnetic Mixer, Stirrer


MotorDC 12 VOLT
Speed range300 to 1900 rpm
Stirring capacityUp to 20 litres (*Note: maximum attainable speed will depend on stir bar and viscosity)
Overall dimensionsW300 X D350 X H90 mm
Weight4.5 KG

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