Pro-Oceanus: Solu-Blu™ Total Dissolved Gas Pressure Probe

Durable and accurate dissolved gas pressure sensor. Ideal for gas saturation measurements in RAS and hydroelectic dams.

The Solu-Blu™ Series of instruments combine rugged design, ease of use and versatility, all in a single sensor package. The measurement of a gas dissolved in a liquid is facilitated by a semi-permeable membrane that allows gases to transfer from water into a gas head space where the measurement is made.

The Solu-Blu™ total dissolved gas, TDG, probe can be used for long-term continuous in-situ monitoring to provide reliable dissolved gas pressure measurements. It provides accurate TDG pressure data and is designed for use in aquaculture, dam spillways, groundwater monitoring, and industrial applications.

Unlike other total gas pressure probes, the Solu-Blu™ TDG is not affected by increasing hydrostatic pressure. It can be used in a range of liquids ranging from fresh- and salt-water to industrial fluids such as oil or hydraulic fluid.

The Solu-Blu™ TDG probe is designed for long-term deployments with simple, stable and accurate results.


  • – High accuracy
  • – Low power consumption
  • – Easy integration
  • – Long-term stability
  • – Rugged and reliable
  • – Multiple data output formats available


  • – Monitoring gas supersaturation levels in water
  • – Monitoring gas pressure in water wells during pumping
  • – Aquaculture RAS
  • – Data correction for water samples collected for groundwater and wellwater monitoring
  • – Monitoring TDG pressure in transformer fluids


Sensor Performance
TDG Pressure Range0-2 bar Absolute
0-200% Saturation
*other ranges available
Accuracy:± 0.1% (Temperature compensated from 0 to 50º C)
Equilibration rate (t63):Dependent on gas composition
Resolution pCO20.1 mbar
0.1% Saturation level
Length20 cm (8 in)
26 cm with connector
Diameter5 cm (2 in)
Weight0.28 kg (0.6 lbs)
Housing MaterialAcetal Plastic
Depth Rating0 – 50 meters
Water Temperature-2º to 40º C
Input voltagedigital: 6-24 VDC
analog: 12-24 VDC
Power consumption0.45 W (35 mA @ 12 V)
Data outputRS-232, ASCII format
0-5 V or 4-20 mA
Sample rate1 second

Telemetry2U Compatible

Telemetry2U lets you monitor your sensors, control devices and automate tasks – all through one simple, secure, and configurable IoT platform. Pro-Oceanus products are compatible with their technology, allowing for:

  • – Real-time data access on any device
  • – Alerts and alarms for parameters you define
  • –  Comprehensive reporting and historic data visualizations available on customizable dashboards

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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