Polymethylpentene (PMP, TPX®) Graduated Measuring Cylinders, Class B

A clear alternative to opaque polypropylene measuring cylinders.

For volume measurements used in various laboratory activities.

TPX clarity makes these ideal for use with hydrometers and alcoholometers.

Suitable for foodstuffs.

Art.Cap. mlGrad. mlSubdivis. mlToll. mlO.D. Ø mmh mm
15701020.2+ / – 0.213.5139
15712550.5+ / – 0.518.5195
157250101.0+ / – 1.026199
1573100101.0+ / – 1.031249
1574250202.0+ / – 2.041.5315
1575500505.0+ / – 5.055361
1576100010010.0+ / – 10.066438
1577200020020.0+ / – 20.084531


Conforms to ISO 6706 – 1981 (E). Crystal clear. Autoclavable.

Can be used for liquids up to 170⁰C. No wetting. No meniscus.

Permanent graduations are moulded in for reproducibility.

Chemically cleaner than glass. Chemically non-absorbent. Excellent chemical resistance. Pentagon base for added stability.


Chemical Resistance 

Categories of SubstanceReferenceConcen. %T.20°T.40°T.60°
Inorganic AcidSulphuric acid98BBB
Organic AcidBenzoic acid100ABB
Inorganic alkaliSodium hydroxide50AAA
Organic alkaliAniline100BBC
EstherEthyl Acetate100AAA
Hydrocarbons, halogenatedDichloroethylene100C
Hydrocarbons, aromaticBenzene100BC
Hydrocarbons, linearHexane100BC
A: fair resistance; exposure (30 days) to the chemical does not cause any damage;
B: sufficient resistance; exposure causes damage of poor importance, which sometimes is only temporary;
C: poor resistance; exposure to chemical is not allowed or causes immediate permanent damage.

Results of testing with referenced materials have to be considered as indication: in case of specific use it is recommended to carry out preliminary testing.

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