PHCBI VIP® Series Cryogenic Chest Freezer, -150°C

The MDF-C2156VAN Cryogenic Freezer offers unparalleled safety, reliability and uniform temperatures down to -150°C for ideal long-term cryopreservation solutions.

The PHCbi VIP® PLUS –150 °C cryogenic freezer offers insulating properties that help to provide unsurpassed uniformity in the chamber from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. The –150 °C cryogenic freezer offers air phase cryogenic storage without the need for liquid nitrogen as the primary cooling medium.
  • – Unsurpassed uniformity
  • – VIP® PLUS insulation
  • – Easy temperature monitoring
  • – 6 (3 leveling feet on front base)
Uniform temperature of –150 °C is maintained with VIP® PLUS insulation technology for stable, long-term preservation of cells and tissues.
PHCbi’s VIP® PLUS cryogenic series demonstrates innovative control and monitoring. The temperature inside the freezer can be set and monitored easily by means of precise microprocessor temperature control with an LCD graphic display. The controller utilizes a platinum RTD sensor, which is extremely precise and durable.
The temperature inside the freezer can further be set and monitored by means of precise microprocessor temperature control with an LCD graphic display. The unit’s mechanical refrigeration design is a better alternative to LN₂ storage as it eliminates concerns of cross-contamination and continual maintenance costs of LN₂ storage.

Uniform Sample Storage

The uniform and stable temperatures provided are ideal for storage of cells, tissues and other important biological samples.

Dry Storage 

The highest levels of protection for valuable samples, without the risks of cross contamination and vertical temperature gradients

Easy Monitoring 

The blue display provides a clear view of the temperature and gives a notification in the case of abnormalities.

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