Parafilm M Sealing Film

Seals labware quickly, effectively.

Film prevents sample evaporation and contamination; protects anhydrous materials.

Can be folded repeatedly and twisted around sharp surfaces without rupturing.

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Features and Benefits

  • – The practical sealing film for all of your laboratory needs
  • – Blend of waxes and polyolefins on a paper release liner
  • – Highly insensitive to water, moisture loss and moisture absorption
  • – Permeable to oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • – Stretches more than 350% of its original length
  • – Self sealing
  • – Clings to irregular shapes and surfaces
  • – Ideal for protecting the contents of test tubes, flasks, beakers and other vessels

Technical Data

Elongation at Break>350%
Water Vapour Transmission Rate1g / (m2 d) @38c; 90%RH
Oxygen Transmission Rate300cm3 / (m2 d) @23c; 0%RH
Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate1,200cm3 / (m2 d) @23c; 0%RH
Softening Point54c
Melting Point100c
ColourNatural (semi-clear)
ToxicityNon Toxic

Effects of Common Reagents

SolventConcentration24h Exposure 25-23c
Hydrochloric Acid12NNo apparent effect
Sulphuric Acid36NNo apparent effect
Nitric Acid16NResistant (some discoloration)
Sodium Hydroxide1.8NNo apparent effect
Ammonium Hydroxide14.5NNo apparent effect
MethanolNo apparent effect
Ethanol95% (v/v)No apparent effect
Isopropanol99% (v/v)No apparent effect
Saline Solution20wt% NaClNo apparent effect
Potassium Permanganate5wt%Resistant (some discoloration)
Iodine Solution0.1NResistant (some discoloration)

Storage Conditions:

  • – Temperatures of 7c to 32c and relative humidity of 35% to 55% are desirable.
  • – Avoid extremes of heat and cold.
  • – Store products in a cool, dry, clean environment, several inches off the floor.
  • – Protect products from direct sunlight, heat, moisture, and keep in original container until ready for use.

Shelf Life: 

Under the storage conditions stated above, Parafilm M is expected to have indefinite shelf life.

Ordering Information: 

CodeDimensionsPack Size
PM99250mm x 76m1
PM996100mm x 38m1

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