OHAUS Ranger® Scales

The Ranger Series show one resounding theme: the best of every ingenious feature that make OHAUS industrial products the right tools for your toughest weighing jobs.

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The Ranger® 7000 boasts the highest resolution, largest display, most application modes and connectivity options, as well as the largest memory library of any industrial bench scale in the OHAUS portfolio. Other scales in the Ranger® family offer fantastic solutions to your weighing jobs.

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Ranger® 7000

Simplifying Even the Most Complex Industrial Applications.

– Ten advanced modes simplify complex applications and minimize the need for manual calculations and it can also control peripheral devices and/or a scale platform with option kit.


– With one second stabilization time, up to 350,000d display resolution and legal for trade certifications, Ranger 7000’s precision cannot be matched by any scale in its class.


– Ranger 7000 was developed to thrive in rugged and harsh industrial environments. This modular scale was built with IP54 metal housing and sealed metal indicator to ensure durability.


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Ranger® 4000

Durable Compact Scales for the Toughest Industrial Weighing Environments

– Sturdy metal housing and slip-resistant rubber feet provide the protection, stability and long product life needed for tough industrial weighing.


– The most user-friendly scale on the market features Smart Text™ for easy operation and setup to ensure efficiency in the workplace.


– With the largest display in its class, checkweighing LED indicators and backlit LCD display, the Ranger 4000 can function in almost any industrial environment.


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Available models:

Ranger® 2000

Economical Compact Scales for Basic Industrial Applications.

– Ranger 2000 has the largest display in its class and is equipped with checkweighing LED’s and a red LED display which makes it functional in almost any working condition.


– The most user friendly scale on the market, offers easy setup to ensure that your valuable time is not wasted and you’re working as proficiently as possible.


– Ranger 2000 produces accurate results within one second and virtually eliminates your wait time and allows you to move at a pace determined by you, not your weighing equipment.


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Ranger® 1000

Affordable Compact Bench Scales for Basic Industrial Weighing Applications

– High-performance scale with 15,000 display resolution for dependable results.


– Durable bench scale is designed for heavy-duty use with ABS plastic housing and stainless steel platform.


– Flexible power option allows the scale to run on an AC adapter or internal rechargeable lead acid battery for portable operation.


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Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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