OHAUS AQUASEARCHER™ AB33EC Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity Bench Meter

The AQUASEARCHER AB33EC bench meter is designed with reliable measurement and user-interface in mind. The i-Steward ensures repeatable and consistent measurement accuracy for optimal peace of mind. The 6.5 inch LCD display and touch keypad makes changing the parameters, executing setup, and performing calibration as simple as using a smartphone.

Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Salinity and Resistivity with Temperature Measurements
6.5″ Segment & Dot matrix LCD with backlight
Capacitive touch, ABS top housing, standalone electrode holder
RS232, USB Device (included)
AC adapter (included)
Design Features
i-Steward, Calibration due alarm, 1,000 measurement memory

AQUASEACRHER™ AB33EC Bench Meter Features

Selectable reading reference temperatures of 20 or 25 ºC with linear curve options and automatic temperature compensation ensures accurate results.

Features such as auto-stop, auto temperature compensation, adjustable TDS factor, 2- or 4-cell conductivity probe compatibility make AB33EC well suited for universal laboratory applications.

A 1000-item memory for conductivity measurements and calibration trail allows for efficient data documentation. Standard RS232 and USB interface allows connection to external devices.

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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