OBSCAPE Weather Station

Obscape’s Weather Station supplies you with real-time weather data and was designed for continuous deployment in harsh climates, which means there are no moving parts to fail.

The 0.017 mm resolution means it can accurately measure small rainfall and even heavy dew events that other rain gauges miss. And, no moving sensor parts means the senor’s anemometer is accurate at low wind speeds. It even has an accelerometer, so you’ll always know the sensor is level and you’re getting accurate data.

Power and Telemetry Module

Fully compatible with Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module (PTM); an affordable and  rugged, wireless, all-in-1 datalogger.

Its built-in solar panels and cellular modem will turn any third party sensor of your choice into a plug-and-play real-time monitoring solution.

Power and Telemetry Module

Access your data anytime, anywhere

More Information

The Obscape Data Portal is the ultimate tool to unify the office and the field.

Real-time data from all your Obscape sensors will be collected into the Obscape Data Portal;  your gateway to the field. The convenient map-based interface allows for integral management of your data, devices and operations.

  • – Unlimited devices per project  – Up to 50 users per project
  • – Software updates  – Threshold alerts
  • – Reports  – Diagnostics – Secure Login
  • – Forwarding options  – White labelling
12 weather sensors in one compact device

  • air temperature
  • solar irradiance
  • rainfall intensity
  • lightning strike count
  • lightning distance
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • gust wind speed
  • vapor pressure
  • atmospheric pressure
  • relative humidity
Comprehensive Data

  • – Horizontal wind speed
  • – Wind gust
  • – Wind direction
  • – Solar radiation
  • – Rainfall
  • – Air temperature
  • – Lightning strike count
  • – Lightning average distance
  • – Vapor Pressure
  • – Humidity
  • – Barometric pressure
  • – Tilt


The weather is an important boundary condition for many natural processes. By adding the Weather Station to your environmental monitoring setup, you will not overlook the impact of wind, rain and other weather components in your area of interest.

Key Features

  • – Comprehensive weather data
  • – Completely wireless
  • – Real-time data
  • – Solar powered
  • – 4G GSM telemetry (Satellite option)
  • – Multiple mounting options
  • – Versatile data portal included
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