OBSCAPE Conductivity, Temperature Station

Obscape’s CT Station is the ideal all-in-one solution for real-time conductivity, temperature and salinity measurements. It combines the robust Obscape Power & Telemetry Module with a low-maintenance toroidal CT probe.

Together they form a CT Station that is unchallenged in its ease of use.

Whether you are monitoring aquatic habitats, estuarine hydrodynamics or salt intrusion, the Obscape CT Station will suit your needs.

Where oceanic and inland waters meet, the interaction of fresh and saline water create an intriguingly complex environment. A salt wedge intruding into an estuary or harbour basin can start dominating the hydrodynamics and may have a significant impact on sediment transport. Diverse and unique habitats can form through the interplay of salinity, tides and waves. Observations of conductivity, water temperature and salinity form the starting point for getting insight into these natural dynamics.

Power and Telemetry Module

Fully compatible with Obscape’s Power and Telemetry Module (PTM); an affordable and  rugged, wireless, all-in-1 datalogger.

Its built-in solar panels and cellular modem will turn any third party sensor of your choice into a plug-and-play real-time monitoring solution.

Power and Telemetry Module

Access your data anytime, anywhere

More Information

The Obscape Data Portal is the ultimate tool to unify the office and the field.

Real-time data from all your Obscape sensors will be collected into the Obscape Data Portal;  your gateway to the field. The convenient map-based interface allows for integral management of your data, devices and operations.

  • – Unlimited devices per project  – Up to 50 users per project
  • – Software updates  – Threshold alerts
  • – Reports  – Diagnostics – Secure Login
  • – Forwarding options  – White labelling


The CT Station is completely wireless. Power is supplied through built-in solar panels, while data are transmitted in real-time using a 4G GSM connection. Therefore, the CT Station is easy to install at any desired location within GSM coverage. There is no need to worry about access to mains power or third-party internet access points. Its wireless nature makes the CT Station very suitable for monitoring of remote areas.

While traditional CT probes suffer from rapid bio-fouling, compromising their accuracy and maintenance interval, the toroidal CT probe of Obscape’s CT Station was specifically designed to minimise marine growth. Paired with our powerful and robust workhorse, the Power and Telemetry Module, conductivity data make their way to your desktop in real-time.

Key Features

  • – Accurate conductivity, temperature and salinity
  • – Toroidal sensor minimises bio-fouling
  • – Completely wireless
  • – Real-time data
  • – Solar powered
  • – Real-time data up to 4G (upgradable to Satellite)
  • – Multiple mounting options
  • – Versatile data portal included
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