OBS-BUOY400 Wave Buoy

The Obscape OBS-Buoy400 is the most affordable metocean buoy that collects and transmits real-time full wave and sea surface temperature data. Superior elliptical design for the most accurate wave tracking and temperature measurements in its class. Easy-to-deploy and battery powered, complete with accurate real time wave and sea surface temperature measurements. Designed specifically for coastal and offshore deployments for the most affordable, and easiest wave and temperature measurement buoy. Simply powerup, place in the water and log into your Data Portal.

The OBS-Buoy400 will meet the observational needs for your project’s location, environment and budget. Accurate real-time wave and temperature measurements make their way to the free, easy to use and internet-based Data Portal via a robust cellular telemetry solution. The OBS-Buoy400 is designed to make your life easy with a simple startup and easy to deploy solution.

Key Features

• Real-time data (4G with 2G fallback)
• Bulk wave parameters
• Directional wave spectrum
• Battery-powered (lithium, primary or alkaline)
• GPS position and watch circle
• SST sensor
• Low purchase and operational costs
• Compact and light weight
• Easy to deploy and service
• Global SIM (incl. data)
• Versatile data portal included


• Marine & Coastal engineering
• Oceanographic research
• Environmental monitoring
• Work compliance monitoring

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Accurate, Fully Directional Wave Data

The Wave Buoy uses a combination of motion sensors and an electronic compass to measure the directional wave field with high accuracy. This yields the directional wave spectrum and all parameters that can be derived from it, such as the 1-dimensional energy-density spectrum and a range of bulk wave parameters (significant wave height, peak wave period, peak wave direction, etc.).

Real-Time Accessibility

Real-time Wave data is sent to the Obscape servers via a rugged and dependable telemetry solution. The secure Obscape Data Portal enables you to view and download the data or easily forward them to your own server. Key settings, such as the real-time output interval and the location of the GPS fence, can be adjusted on the fly. A GSM network offers low-cost data transfer in coastal waters. A FIFO queue is able to close connectivity gaps up to 50 days. API provides consistent access to wave and surface temp data collected by the Small Buoy via an HTTPS JSON API. (Data forwarding available).


The 4G ( with 2G fallback)GSM communication ensures a stable real-time data connection, whilst the use of GPS positioning combined with automated status notifications via email make the system reliable. The GPS position reported by the buoy is continuously compared to the user-specified deployment location. If the distance between the actual and intended position of the buoy exceeds a pre-defined threshold (the geofence/watch circle), an email notification is sent to the user. Similar notifications are sent in case of a data gap, low battery level or exceedance of a user-specified wave height threshold.

Easy To Deploy

With an easy-to-handle elliptical design and a lightweight 6kg, deployment of the OBS-Buoy400 is amazingly easy. Simply start up, place in the water from shore, or any floating vessel (even a canoe, kayak or paddle ski will suffice) and start collecting data. No specialist skills required!
The mooring is also easily assembled using low-cost, easy-to-source materials which anyone can construct according to Obscape’s mooring guideline,

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