Niskin Bottle – Standard Models 110A and 110B

Simplified versions of the original Standard, Model 110 by Ocean Test Equipment with or without mounting blocks or handles.

Standard A, Model 100A


A simplified version of the original Standard, Model 110. It has the body made of PVC, with spring closure made of latex tubing activating the tow end plugs to complete the enclosure. It does not have mounting blocks or handle. It is specifically designed as an economical water sampler which can be directly attached with clamps or other means to the frame of a submersible array system.


Standard B, Model 110B


The body of Standard A with an aluminium bracket attached with two stainless steel clamps. Also, has a handle attached for easy handling and lanyard guidance. The bracket gives a greater resistance to breakage and to arctic conditions. The bracket is easily removable and interchangeable.







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