Niskin Bottle – C-Free Chamber Water Sampler, Model 114

The C-Free Chamber Water Sampler is a nonmetallic, sturdy body construction made of grey PVC. This product provides the same basic performance as the Niskin type water sampler. Additionally, its internal chamber is free of any source of contamination. The closing mechanism is of a ball-valve type activated by an external power cord. The effectiveness of the seal is ensured continuously even in the event the power cord becomes weak or damaged. Also, this arrangement ensures a very reliable seal, eliminating any leakage caused by accidental bumping or shaking of the sampler during recovery.


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During deployment the sampler has both ends open allowing for free-flushing for accurate layer sampling. The absence of an internal source of contamination allows for storing the sample inside the sampler for an extended period of time before being drained.


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A pressure release valve can be added for close-open-close deployment. This feature prevents contamination from the surface layer of water. Deployed in closed position, it opens at 30 feet under the water, activated by the pressure release valve then closed by other means at the desired depth. They have the same basic overall dimensions of Standard models at comparison capacity.








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