NexSens X2-CB Buoy-Mounted Data Logger

The X2-CB includes all the features of the flagship X2 data logger in a lid-mounted package designed for integration on CB-Series data buoys.

Smartphone Interface:


A smartphone, tablet, or laptop connects by Wi-Fi to access sensor data and view or change settings. No application-specific hardware or software is required. Works within an existing Wi-Fi network or as a direct link from the X2 to the device. 


Underwater Connectors:


All connections are made with a simple waterproof thread-in connector. This removes the complications and errors associated with connecting individual wires.




When communicating within a Wi-Fi network or connecting via remote telemetry, measurement data streams directly to the datacenter.


Wireless Communication:


Wi-Fi provides short range and local connectivity. Remote options include radio, cellular, and satellite communications.


Measurement Versatility:


SensorBUS technology incorporates industry standard SDI-12, RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces in a single watertight cable. Smart sensors are available for most environmental measurements.


Easy Install:


The X2-CB is sealed in a watertight PVC enclosure mounted directly to the bottom of a NexSens CB-Series buoy’s 316 stainless steel data well top plate. With (5) integrated sensor ports, a vent, an antenna port, and a communication/power port, the X2-CB provides ultimate flexibility and ease of access to all connections.



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