NexSens TS210 Temperature String

The NexSens TS210 Temperature String provides high precision measurements for profiling in lakes, streams, and coastal waters.

Titanium Thermistor:


Each node features an integral titanium thermistor secured and epoxied in a protective housing for underwater deployments.


Marine-Grade Cable:


Nodes are integrated using marine-grade cables with braided Kevlar core and epoxy seal. Strings are available in multiple standard increments.


High Accuracy:


Each sensor is accurate to +/-0.075 C. The exposed titanium thermistor makes direct contact with water, allowing readings to stabilize within 60 seconds.


Data Output:


Temperature data is transmitted on a RS-485 Modbus RTU string bus for integration with data loggers and SCADA systems.




Strings terminate in a NexSens UW plug and receptacle connector, allowing additional sections or sensors to be added as required.



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    0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)



    T90 Response Time

    60 Seconds

    Refresh Rate

    2 Seconds

    Maximum Sensors


    Maximum Length

    1219m (4000 ft)


    RS-485 Modbus RTU

    Power Requirement

    4 – 28 VDC

    Current Draw Per Node

    1.3mA active; 0.35mA sleep; 0.05mA deep sleep


    8 pin, sensorBUS


    7.62cm L x 3.3cm Dia. (3.0” L x 1.3” Dia.)