NexSens EXO Sonde Mooring Cage

The NexSens EXO Sonde Mooring Cages provide a secure and convenient means of deploying a YSI EXO multi-parameter water quality sonde.

Integrated Mooring Clamps:


Two integrated PVC mooring clamps are designed specifically for the diameter of a YSI EXO1, EXO2 or EXO3 sonde. The clamps are positioned at the optimal clamp areas of an EXO sonde so as not to deform the instrument. 


In-Line Mooring:


Convenient eyenut connection allows the cage to be deployed in-line on an open water buoy mooring or mounted horizontally on a riverbed.


Quick Clamp and Release:


Each clamp features a hinged pin design for quick clamping and release.


Optional Crossarm:


An optional mounting crossarm is available for adding photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensors. The crossarm allows for both upwelling and downwelling sensors with optional anti-fouling wipers.



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    42" (106.68cm) overall length


    16 lbs (7.3kg)


    316 stainless steel, 316 SS eyenuts, PVC clamps

    Mooring Attachment

    (2) 3/4" eyenut