Navis BGCi Autonomous Profiling Float with Integrated Biogeochemical Sensors

Autonomous profiling float for Argo and other programs, with Sea-Bird CTD and Dissolved Oxygen sensor, integrated WET Labs MCOMS fluorometer/backscattering sensor, and multiple optional bolt-on sensors. Sufficient power for 250 CTD profile cycles to 2000 dbars (excluding optional sensors).

The Navis BGCi autonomous profiling float with integrated optical Dissolved Oxygen sensor (SBE 63) and WET Labs ECO-MCOMS is now available from Sea-Bird Scientific. The sensors take continuous measurements at 1 Hz through ascent, and provide high accuracy, resolution, and stability.


As an option, multiple sensors can be attached to the float hull and cabled to the end cap. Data from all sensors, including the optional bolt-on sensors, is integrated in the data stream by the SBE 41N CTD electronics. Available bolt-on sensors include the Deep SUNA (nitrate), OCR 504 (4-channel radiometer), and WET Labs C-Rover 2000 (transmissometer).


Dissolved Oxygen
Optical Sensors
Extended Sampling Options
– Additional Sensor Options


Servicing, Calibration and Support

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