Multi Counter, Timer, Geiger, Frequency

The IEC Multi Counter with frequency, Geiger counting and audio amplifier with speaker is the most powerful of all the IEC Timer range. It is 220/240V.AC mains operated with a bright red LED display and sloping front panel for ease of using and viewing. It is a fully featured fast Timer with 20 memories and the same performance as the LB4063-101 but it has power for PhotoGates on the front panel.

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The IEC ‘MULTI – COUNTER’ is a compact and versatile instrument for general laboratory timing to 0.1 ms, counting, measuring frequency or rate and for performing Geiger counting.

Each of the 3x modes (Timing, Counting/Freq and Geiger) has a set of ‘Functions’ to select the type of function you want for the mode you selected. All selection is by LED and the indication reminds you always of the mode and function that is operating.

• High speed timing to 100 microseconds resolution.
• Large six digit LED display.
• All press button operation with LED indication of functions.
• Automatic loading memory up to a depth of 20 values.
• Memory items can be selectively deleted to remove errors. Memory items can be scrolled, totalled or averaged.
• Sockets for extension speaker.
• Speaker and volume control for all counts and frequency.
• Output sockets for 12V.AC. supply for photogate lamps.
• Accepts both high voltage GM tube and low voltage Alpha detector. Both are available from IEC upon request.
• Start/Stop TIME sockets also operate as remote Start/Stop sockets when running in COUNT, FREQUENCY or GEIGER modes.
• ‘D’ connector socket to operate IECs new remote large LED Display for classroom viewing. Displays the data and the unit relating to the data (Hz, sec etc.).


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