Molecular Modelling Kit

Demonstrate the structure of different chemical and biochemical molecules with atomic molecular model kits. Hands-on investigations will help students understand how atoms and molecules interact.

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Organic/Inorganic Molecular Model Kit.

150 lugs and 370 balls

Large balls = 25mm
Small balls = 18.5mm

This set consists of 150 lugs and 370 balls of prescribed colours and sizes packed in a moulded box having separate space for every particular colour and size of ball.

Useful for construction of 3-dimensional molecular structures of various organic and inorganic compounds and demonstrating their geometries. The set consists of moulded balls of different colours and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. The balls have holes to facilitate the fixing of lugs. Complete components moulded in polystyrene. The set comes nicely packed in a plastic box.

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