Mini- and Tiny-Series Acoustic Modems

EvoLogics underwater acoustic modems provide full-duplex digital communication using the patented S2C (Sweep-Spread Carrier) technology, delivering an excellent performance, resistant to the challenges of a dynamic subsea environment. Self-adaptive algorithms adjust the S2C parameters to maintain the highest bit rate possible in current conditions.

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S2C M-series offers the full benefits of the S2C technology in a light and compact design, targeting size- and weight-sensitive applications.

The series features several popular transducers in high- and mid-frequency range, as well as a unique high-frequency transducer for fast short-distance transmissions.





(Left to right: EvoLogics S2C R modem, S2C M “mini” modem and the S2C T “tiny” modem)


The newest light and ultra-compact design represents a size reduction of almost 20% compared to mini-modems.

The S2C T series form factor is available for high frequency models, catering to various applications with 4 frequency range/directivity options.

The new model features a fully-fledged S2C engine with no compromises in acoustic performance. It is a great fit for small AUVs and ROVs where size and weight are critical. Perfect as transponders for positioning, the S2C T are capable of simultaneous tracking and reliable bi-directional data transmissions with advanced networking.




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