MIELE Laboratory Washers

Miele Laboratory Washers are widely regarded as one of the world’s premier solutions for effective cleaning, decontaminating and sterilizing of glassware, instruments and other equipment. Used widely in dental, medical, research, industrial and laboratory fields – Miele has earned its solid reputation through their consistent, reproducible results.

For more than 60 years, Miele Professional has been developing high-quality systems for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising medical instruments, laboratory glassware, and for industrial parts cleaning. During this time, Miele have become one of the world’s market leaders largely thanks to their extremely high quality standards. Perfect for dental, medical, laboratory and industrial applications.

Features and Benefits

Variable Speed Heater Pump

The variable-speed heater pump is the heart of Miele Professional’s washer-disinfectors and represents a particularly unique selling point. The speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted in line with the relevant requirements in the individual program blocks – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees the complete soaking of all the wash items.

Convenient drying support

At the end of the reprocessing program the machine door opens automatically as soon as the temperature in the wash cabinet has fallen below 158°F, thanks to the AutoOpen function. This allows residual moisture to escape easily from the wash cabinet and the washed items dry more quickly.

Perfect drying results

The hot air drying feature DryPlus is the perfect solution for hollow body instruments. The upstream H13 HEPA filter ensures optimum particle separation from the drying air. The filter can be easily accessed via a cover in the front of the base area.

Cleanest Results

The pressure with which the wash water is passed through the spray arms and the injector nozzles is vital for reliable and economical reprocessing. High pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn stains, while low pressure ensures that the wash items are completely soaked. Washer-disinfectors from Miele Professional combine both advantages with a wash pressure that is tailored to individual needs.

Short Batch Times

The Miele Professional washer-disinfectors reprocess even demanding batches quickly and reliably. Their high-performance wash technology guarantees that even instruments with a complex design or laboratory glassware can be safely reprocessed at a high wash pressure. In combination with two loading levels and the highly sophisticated controls, seamless work operations are possible, even with a high turnover of instruments.

Low Consumption

Thanks to innovative technology, highly developed procedures, and comprehensive system solutions, Miele Professional machines achieve outstanding reprocessing results with minimum consumption of water, energy, and process chemicals.

Integrated Dispenser Pump

Miele Professional Washer-disinfectors, Thermal Disinfectors, and Lab Washers are already equipped with one or more integrated dispenser pumps ex works. Cleaning or neutralization agents can be dispensed automatically and precisely from a container.

A wide range of options to suit any application

PG 8504

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Lab washer with feed pump for AD water.

PG 8583 CD

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Lab washer with pump for AD water, liquid dispensing, DryPlus and conductivity monitoring.

PG 8583

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Lab washer with AD water connection, liquid dispensing, EcoDry function, and oil seals.

PG 8583

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Lab washer with AD water connection, liquid dispensing and EcoDry function.

PG 8583

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Lab washer with feed pump for AD water, liquid dispensing and EcoDry function.

PG 8593

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Lab washer with liquid dispensing and DryPlus hot air drying.

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