MICROS Water Sampler

Slenderised autoclavable version of the LIMNOS Water Sampler

The MICROS Water Sampler meets essential demands of limnologists:

– Avoiding sample contamination by surface water
– Avoiding analytical errors due to mishandling of the sample during transport and decanting

Special feature: It is possible to sterilise (autoclave) the instrument!


The MICROS Water Sampler is an approved and uncomplicated instrument to take water samples up to 100 m depth. The slim shape allows the sampling from tubes as small as 80 mm diameter. It consists of a stainless steel frame equipped with a Teflon headpiece to hold an exchangeable 500 ml glass bottle as sampling vessel. The MICROS Water Sampler is attached to a wire and lowered into the water in closed condition in order to prevent sample contamination by surface water.


An ingeniously simple technique is used to keep the sampler closed during descent, consisting of two silicone hoses fixed in a bent position. The sampler is activated by a messenger upon reaching the desired water depth. When the messenger hits the anvil, the silicone hoses spring up from their bent position allowing water to ingress and air to drain the bottle. For transport and investigation of the samples, the glass bottles are simply unscrewed from the holder and closed with a lid. This avoids falsification of the sample by pouring it from one vessel to another.



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