For sterile environments and high risk food production areas

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Our MAS-100 Eco® microbial air sampler is an economical, small and lightweight unit which is ideally suited for air monitoring in food and beverage manufacturing.

The MAS-100 Eco® offers many of the same features found on the standard MAS-100® air sampler, without the mass flow sensor:

Inexpensive: The MAS-100 Eco® is a robust and reliable air sampler. Recurring costs are considerably lower due to its compatibility with standard Petri dishes.

 The air sampler is made of aluminum and its entire technology has been designed for highest precision. Its stream of air has been set to exactly 100 liters / minute as recommended by the respective standards.

Simple: Use of the instrument is easy and changing the Petri dishes is also a safe and simple task.

The underlying technology of the MAS-100 Eco® air sampler is based upon.

the MAS-100 NT® standard which has become globally established in many industries.

We offer a wide range of accessories, replacement parts and solutions for special application needs for our MAS-100® microbial air sampler.


Technical specifications for MAS-100 Eco®
Height (without handle)14 cm
Diameter 11 cm11 cm
Height (with handle)18 cm
Weight1.4 kg
MaterialAnodized aluminum
Diameter of Sampling Head10 cm
Nominal Airflow100 litres/min. ± 4.0 %
Standard Sampling Volumes10, 20, 50, 100, 200 & 500 litres
Freely Definable Sampling Volumes0 – 1,000 litres
Rechargeable Batteries2 NiMH rechargeable batteries, 1.2 V
Motor6 V
DisplayAlphanumeric liquid crystal display, 2 x 8 characters
Lifetime RTC BatteryRTC (Real Time Clock) battery; good for approx. 10 years
CE ApprovalEN 50081-1:1992 + EN 50082-1:1997
EN 50081-2:1993 + EN 50082-2:1995 +
prEN 50082-2:1996
Power Unit/Battery Charger110 – 240 Volt, 50 – 60 KHz
Output5V DC/500 mA

Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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