LSN50V2-D20: LoRaWAN Waterproof Temperature Sensor

The Dragino LSN50v2-D20 LoRaWAN Waterproof IoT Temperature Sensor is fitted with a digital DS18B20 temperature probe on a 2-meter Silica Gel cable. The probe is double pressed to the cable for a waterproof seal with anti-rust properties, making it suitable for air, object or liquid temperature measurements, with a range of -55 to 125C with 0.5C accuracy. The node is fitted with an external antenna for extra long range and the internal 8500mA battery can last up to 10-years with a modest 20-minute uplink interval and good signal strength to the LoRaWAN gateway.

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The Dragino LSN50v2-D20 is a long range LoRaWAN node that provides spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimising power consumption. Its IP68 waterproof design makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is powered by a 8500mA Li/SOCl2 non-rechargeable battery. Due to its low power operation, users can expect years of operation with a moderate logging rate.


The Sensirion SHT31 probe is factory calibrated with temperature compensation for precise measurement over the entire range.

It has a user programmable threshold so that you will be immediately informed if you sensor drifts past that threshold.  When used with Telemetry2U, you can receive these alerts via Email, SMS or via an interactive voice call, ensure you assets have the ultimate level of protection.




Full Specifications

  • LoRaWAN v1.0.3 Class A
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • External 3m SHT31 probe
  • Measure range -40°C ~ 80°C
  • Temperature alarm
  • Bands: CN470/EU433/KR920/US915
  • AT Commands to change parameters
  • Uplink on periodically or Interrupt
  • Downlink to change configure
  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring
  • Enviromental Growth Chambers
  • Green House
  • Home Garden
  • Soil Temperature
  • Liquid Temperature
  • Range: -55 to + 125°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 @ 0-90 °C
  • Resolution: 0.01°C
  • Long Term Shift: <0.03 °C/yr
Package contents
  • 1 x LSN50v2-S31 LoRaWAN Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • 1 x External RF antenna
Package contents
  • Device size: 1300 x 50 x 45mm
  • Device weight: 150g
  • Package size: 140 x 80 x 50mm
  • Package weight: 180g


Servicing, Calibration and Support

Imbros’ local engineering department can service, repair and calibrate your instrument without expensive shipping costs or wait times.


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