Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Safety Cabinet

A battery cabinet is a particular type of storage cabinet that reduces the risks associated with lithium-ion batteries. These innovative cabinets create a safer environment in which workplaces can charge and store their li-ion cells. Storemasta’s lithium-ion battery charging and storage cabinets provide a cool, dry and secure space for batteries to be housed and recharged.

The Safe Battery Storage Solution

Providing a cool, dry environment for you to store and charge your batteries, STOREMASTA’s cutting-edge battery cabinet is the Australian-made solution you’ve been searching for.

Shielding your business from the dangers of Li-ion battery fires, these double-walled sheet steel cabinets offer a 40mm thermal air barrier and a smart fire containment system to slow the spread of a battery fire.

Active Battery Cooling

Equipped with a 150mm fan, capable of producing 67m3  of air per hour, these battery storage cabinet will reduce the risk of overheated Li-ion batteries and thermal runaway — even during our hot and humid Australian summers.

Spill Containment

Leaks of electrolyte may occur if a battery cell is damaged or faulty.

But with the built-in spill containment system, you can feel confident that the battery storage cabinet’s sump will contain it all.

High Security

Batteries and power tools are high value items and often a target for theft.

Featuring the STOREMASTA patented Safe-T-Close sequential door close system, Li-ion battery cabinets are fully lockable and deliver a superior standard of security.

High Capacity

Two models available

18 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet

8 Outlet Battery Charging Cabinet

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