Holographic Camera for Flocs and Plankton

The LISST-Holo2 stores holograms for study of flocs, plankton, and other particles in water. It is an advanced successor to the original LISST-Holo.


This new version is the world’s fastest, capturing holograms at 20Hz. The same original housing now includes an 8-hr battery and 237GB of data memory. Processing speed per unit water volume imaged is faster than the competition. A unique new feature ranks thousands of holograms based on richness of imagery – a Sequoia innovation for fast overview of a collection of holograms.


– Submersible in-line holography
Up to 20Hz continuous hologram capture
Internal 237 GB data storage
Internal rechargeable battery, (or external power for lab use)
Faster processing, faster than the competition per unit volume imaged.
An algorithm that ranks holograms by the richness of imagery in them
– Large volume viewed each image
– Programmable data collection
– Automated Batch or Detail hologram processing



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